Monday, August 22, 2011

Wasn't that a par--?

Well, in spite of my big mouth, it all came together. We surprised the heck out of my mom on her milestone birthday last week. Even though I had accidentally let the cat out of the bag, it didn't matter, because there were TWO "cats." The first was a dinner cruise on the Edmonton Queen, a picture of which I posted at the end of Thursday's moodling. But the second "cat," well, that was the real one -- an Open House in my back yard from 2-11 p.m., complete with barbecue and family sing song. My girls decorated a lot of cupcakes, my dad behaved rather deceitfully toward his wife, my sisters and husband rustled up salad, chairs, umbrellas and groceries, and 40 guests, including a few we weren't expecting, showed up to honour the birthday girl, each bringing a flower. The look on Mom's face when her Saskatchewan relatives walked through the gate and sang Happy Birthday was too good for words! And we had enough sunny weather to kill the mosquitoes so Charleen could come to the par--!

Here's a picture that sums up the day...

Today is another very special birthday, one that I wish we could mark with just as much fanfare and celebration, but it seems our girl is happy to have a quieter celebration. We love you, Suz!

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