Friday, August 5, 2011

Simple Suggestion #52... Donate, trade or recycle at least one thing for every new thing acquired

Imagine if you lived in a ten by ten foot room (3 m by 3 m, give or take a few cm). What would you keep in that room with you out of what you presently own?

Thinking about a scenario like this is a good exercise now and then, because it helps us to nail down what's really important and what's fluff. And following today's Simple Suggestion is one way to keep the fluff stuff down to a dull roar. If we get rid of a bit of stuff every time something new comes into our lives, by the time we have to downsize (and we all have to downsize to the point where, if we're good, we don't leave much stuff for others to have to deal with when we're gone), it won't be that hard. So why not start now?

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