Monday, August 1, 2011

My favourite couple

On August 1, 1964, my parents got married. That means that as of today, they've been together for 47 years -- an impressive stretch of time to spend with one partner these days. But honestly, no one is surprised, because they are perfectly suited for each other. I see it more and more each year, but particularly in the past year, when they've both had a few health issues. Their tender care and worrying for each other through some pretty painful days brought tears to my eyes a few times. Luckily, they're both doing better now, and the humour between them has returned.

I'm not sure what they'd say if you asked them the secret of their successful marriage, but as a guilty bystander, I'd have to say the above paragraph mostly covered the bases: togetherness, tender care, and humour, with their faith in God as home plate. As far as I'm concerned, they've already hit the ball out of the park!

Mom and Dad!

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