Wednesday, August 17, 2011

#59 of 100 Simple Suggestions... Shop at a farmer's market

This summer, we visited Seattle, and saw the famous Pike Place Market, one of the oldest farmer's markets in the U.S. We thoroughly enjoyed walking through, eating some tasty treats, and seeing all the fish, food, flowers and produce available there. It was a fun, happening place. We got quite a kick out of a busker with a trained parrot that did all sorts of tricks and turned somersaults on anyone's hand...

Here in Edmonton, we're fortunate to have a couple of pretty amazing Saturday farmer's markets, and there's a good one out in Sherwood Park on Thursday evenings, too. I love the atmosphere at all of them -- inevitably, shoppers run into people they know, there's kibbitzing at the stalls, the "fast" foods are of the delicious, home-made variety, sometimes there's busking, and always there's good humour. Best of all, though, is produce that has come short distances in comparison to what we find in big grocery stores, and it's sold by the people who grew it and probably picked it fresh in the days before the market. Shopping at a farmer's market is a way to do good things for the planet, local producers, and your palate. What's not to love?

So this suggestion is really a challenge to those who have never shopped at a Farmer's Market. Go. See. Taste. Enjoy the atmosphere. And get hooked!

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  1. My very first outing in this city on my own was to the Downtown Farmer's Market:) Since then I've been visiting others all over the place.
    We have one in the North too..I'm gonna toddle/limp on over there tonight!
    Have you been to the ALberta Beach one?
    Its another good one, on Sundays..


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