Friday, June 17, 2011

L'Arche update: Two birthday parties in one week

Our L'Arche community is settling into our new digs quite nicely. On Wednesday, while I was at work, an impromptu birthday party underlined how wonderful our new space is. I was in a meeting with Pat, our Community Leader, and there was some noise in the hallway that made us look up to see a birthday cake being carried in procession. Everyone in our part of the building ended up in the office singing Happy Birthday to Pat, and many people were laughing with delight. Pat's old office was about eight by ten feet, so this was the first time ever that the entire community could celebrate in her office! Better yet, even those in wheelchairs could attend!

Monday, the day after Pentecost, the L'Arche Edmonton community held a most unique Pentecost celebration for our first prayer night in our new community centre. We ended up wearing party hats and blowing little roll-out party whistles, and singing "Happy Birthday, dear church..." I don't think I'll experience another Pentecost as long as I live where I don't remember that particular celebration.

I'll also remember it for the prayer time, when one of our core members prayed for her assistant friend who is recently left our community for Vancouver. Stephanie just had to pray for Kara, who wasn't present, though I wish Kara could have seen how Stephanie fanned her face in an effort to chase away the tears that sprang into her eyes. It was a bitter sweet moment, to be sure. Even as we said goodbye to two assistants, we welcomed another, and the circle of L'Arche Edmonton expanded even a little further. The Holy Spirit, Spirit of Pentecost, is always present in loving community, helping it to grow, helping us to celebrate.

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