Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Simple solutions

Since I put honey in my hair yesterday, I've been mind-moodling (as opposed to pen- or type-moodling) about how great it is when we can be self-reliant and come up with simple answers rather than over-complicated, chemically-laden, or super-processed commercial solutions. That goes for just about anything.

As often happens, when I was emptying my inbox this morning, I found this wonderful little video that dovetails nicely with my mind-moodlings on self-reliance. It contains a very simple solution to a huge health problem in the developing world.

Not 30 minutes after posting this moodling initally, the universe aligned again, and I reviewed another email from a friend. It carried another great simple idea, this time to deal with global hunger.

If people can put their heads together and come up with things like these to save lives, it gives me hope that we will also find solutions to other important planetary issues... But we have to keep in mind what Mother Teresa and the Buster Brothers say: "If you can't feed a hundred people, feed one." If we can't solve an entire massive problem, perhaps we can solve one part of it, and maybe that will inspire someone else to solve another piece of it, and so on. You just never know how your actions might make things better, and just a little better is still better...

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