Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Signs of spring

After a long winter that looked like this last week,

it's been hard to get motivated to think about the garden. But I did place my seed catalog order a while back, and it finally arrived yesterday, to my delight. So last night, I did this:

Soon to emerge from the soil are sixty tomato plants (hopefully) -- Romas, Oxhearts, Little Rubes, Golden Heirloom and Sweet Millions cherries, Bush Beefsteak and Golden Russian. And on the windowsill? Lemon Basil, Red Rubin Basil, Parsley, Summer Savory, and six jalapeno peppers. I can't tell you how happy these two little planters make me now, and especially when it comes to salsa time! And I have a box of flower seed packets for the front yard to dream about,  to be planted alongside last fall's 70 tulip bulbs that are waiting for the snow to melt.

At the moment, though, someone else is waiting in the front yard...

Hopefully he won't stay too much longer. Today's almost-spring sunshine ensured that I was wading through puddles on my way home from work this afternoon!

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